The Esther Family

Beardstown, Illinois

Chet and Lori Esther spent 30 years building a 4,700-acre grain operation, construction company and semi truck and trailer dealership. Now they are in the process of transitioning the multiple-entity business to their sons Ryan and Chad. The Esther's farming operation consists of:

EFFCO (Esther Family Farming Company)

  • General partnership; ownership is 50% Chet, 50% Ryan
  • 4,700 total tillable acres—2,000 acres owned by Chet and Lori, balance is rented

Chester Enterprises

  • Semi truck and trailer dealership
  • Limited liability company; ownership is 95% Chet, 2.5% Ryan, 2.5% Chad

CE Construction

  • Construction company, mainly dirt work and conservation projects
  • Limited liability company; 100% owned by Chet

Esther Management Company

  • Grain bins
  • C corporation; ownership is 25% Chet, 25% Lori, 25% Ryan, 25% Chad