Johnne Syverson


Transition Point Business Advisors, West Des Moines, Iowa
33 years experience

Financial planner and family business consultant Johnne Syverson helps families and business owners design and plan their futures. He teaches families how to pass on their values to future generations and prepare their heirs to receive financial and emotional inheritance.

Syverson provides advice on charitable tax planning, which enables farmers to increase their income, reduce taxes and preserve their estate for heirs and charities.


Written by Johnne:

Maintaining Family Harmony in a Business

Farm Journal Magazine 2/7/2015

Are you like many farm families who have concerns about your farm and family staying together for future generations? Your concerns are well-founded when 90% of family farm businesses do not make it through the third generation. But, with proper planning, there is no reason you can’t become part of the 10% who maintain harmony and continue their farm’s legacy.