Aug 21, 2019

2014 Legacy Conference

The presentations and materials presented at the 2014 Legacy Conference, held Dec. 2-3 in Kansas City are below. You can download/print them to bring to the event. Printed copies of these materials will not be provided at the event. 


General Sessions

Constructing a Succession Plan

Actionable Steps

Family Meeting Agenda

Family Business Operating Profile & Estate Planning Information Framework

Dick Wittman, Wittman Consulting and Idaho farmer


A Case Study in Succession Planning

Dick Wittman, Wittman Consulting and Idaho farmer

The TRLC Case Study involves a fictional family business undergoing succession planning. The exercise is designed to show the process by which stakeholders more clearly define roles in a business after a transition strategy is agreed upon. It helps participants gain clarity in the value of such exercises as defining organization charts, job descriptions, deciding who is the CEO now vs. down the road; and how a board of directors fits into a family business management structure (regardless of your size). The case also includes several potential conflict situations presented as mini-cases to be solved. It is doubtful this workshop will afford time to address all these mini-cases, but it will be helpful for participants to read through them to appreciate the reality that most of us experience many of these conflicts on a daily basis. The gist for many should be that we are normal if we experience these challenges, but proactive is we choose to build a culture in our business where there is a professional platform for working through these conflicts. 


Maintain Family Unity Across Generations

Johnne Syverson, Transition Point Business Advisors


Tax and Legal Strategies for Family Farm Transitions

Paul Neiffer, CliftonLarsonAllen

Polly Dobbs, Starr Austen & Miller



Breakout Sessions

Managing Family Business Conflicts

Carolyn Rodenberg, Alternatives to Conflict


Keeping the Family and Business Together

Carolyn Rodenberg, Alternatives to Conflict


Who Gets What?!

Polly Dobbs, Starr Austen & Miller


Estate Tax Provisions: Key Strategies

Paul Neiffer, CliftonLarsonAllen


How to Have an Awesome Family Meeting

Johnne Syverson, Transition Point Business Advisors



Additional Resources and Articles

Build a Structurally Sound Estate Tax Plan

By Paul Neiffer

Just like a house, a succession plan requires a sturdy foundation to remain structurally sound for multiple generations. To succeed, your plan requires a floor, walls and roof built on the foundation.


Navigate the Legal Side of Succession Planning

By Polly Dobbs

Estate planning is important for all families and business owners, but it is crucial for farm families. A solid basic estate plan serves as the foundation for a farm succession plan. Estate planning isn’t for someone older or someone richer; it’s for you.


Who Needs a Family Employment Policy?

By Dick Wittman

Although a family employment policy seems so formal, it’s a key tool to addressing who can be considered for employment and under what terms.




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