Danny Klinefelter

Danny_KlinefelterTexas A&M, College Station, Texas
35 years experience

As a Texas A&M University professor and Extension economist, Danny Klinefelter specializes in agricultural finance and management development. He is the director of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers and executive secretary for the Association of Agricultural Production Executives.

Klinefelter spent 10 years in commercial banking and the Farm Credit System. He is president of his family’s Illinois farm corporation and is chairman of the Advisory Committee for Farm Journal’s Top Producer Executive Network.



Written by Danny:

Pass On Your Strategic Thinking Skills

Farm Journal Magazine 12/6/2014 

The management transition process isn’t just about the successor assuming the duties of the current CEO, but also the process of other family members and key employees adjusting to a new leader. 


Strategic Management and Planning

2012 Legacy Project Special Report 7/1/2012

Strategic management is largely a matter of anticipating the future, recognizing problems before they occur, and taking corrective action while the window of opportunity for effective response is still open.


10 Lessons for Developing a Farm Successor to Manage and Lead

2011 Legacy Project Special Report 7/1/2011

Successfully transitioning management involves three critical and often simultaneous processes: successor development; the transfer of management responsibility and authority; and the exit of the current CEO.'


Manage Your Future

2010 Legacy Project Special Report 7/1/2010

Successful management transition on a family farm or ranch involves successor development that is intentional and targeted. The best transitions are those that start early and deliberately—the less left to chance, the better the plan works.