Key Elements of a Term Sheet

November 30, 2013 07:28 PM

Considering selling the operation to an unrelated third party?

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A term sheet will help:

  • Ask the right questions and position the answer.
  • Facilitate discussions in a constructive manner.
  • Detail the conditions of the deal as both parties agree.
  • Address the complex issues and generate definitive resolutions.
  • Finally, annotate the deal as an outline to draft legal agreements.

Since term sheets are non-binding, your notes don’t need to be in legal terms. When completed, a term sheet will contain summaries and specifications of a pending merger/acquisition. The document may start simple, listing the parties involved, compensation to be paid and the manner of payment.


Potential Buyer Name: ____________________________________ Date: _________________

Binding: Yes_____ No_____


Price: $_____________________

Form of payment: $_________ cash $_________ note/term $_________ retained ownership

Earnout: $_____________ per _______________ (period of time).

Legal structure: _________________________________________________________________ (based on input from respective accountants).

Escrow: $_____________________

Held by: ______________________

Period of time: _________________


Due Diligence:

Audit: ________________________________________________________________________

Inspection: ____________________________________________________________________

Regulatory approval: ____________________________________________________________

Financing: _____________________________________________________________________

Responsibility for Expenses:

Appraisal: _____________________________________________________________________

Employment/benefits during interim period: _________________________________________

Extra equipment: _______________________________________________________________

Workers comp: _________________________________________________________________

Other: ________________________________________________________________________


Period of time: ______________________ Acceptance period: ______________________

Terms and Conditions:

Given the activities necessary for continuing the operations of an agribusiness, the following terms and conditions may be included in the negotiation and contained on the term sheet:

Confidentiality (special conditions): _________________________________________________

Non-compete (both parties): ______________________________________________________

Non-disclosure (both parties): _____________________________________________________

Hold harmless (both parties): _____________________________________________________

No shop provision (both parties): __________________________________________________

Announcements (both parties): ____________________________________________________

Conditions precedent (extenuating circumstances): ____________________________________

(Download this tool as a PDF)


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