What is The Legacy Project?

The Farm Journal Legacy Project is a concerted effort to address the succession planning needs of America’s farm families. Utilizing all Farm Journal Media properties, the Legacy Project provides comprehensive succession planning information. Its mission: to cultivate multigenerational success in the agricultural community.

With the generous support of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a DuPont Business, Farm Journal Media is expanding upon its original editorial commitment – which began in the spring of 2008 – to raise awareness surrounding legacy planning and will kick off the single largest education initiative of its kind in agriculture today.

The Legacy Project is a catalyst for families to begin the process and an essential go-to source for the tools to simplify the complex and daunting task of succession planning. Farm Journal Media has committed its expertise, reach and trust in farm country to help farmers take decisive action and secure the legacy of this generation and the ones to come. For the next decade, the Farm Journal Legacy Project will generate full awareness and tirelessly provide inspiration, practical tools and sound advice to underpin the steps to establish and formalize effective succession plans.

The Legacy Project includes:

  • Hands-on training workshops and conferences with the Farm Journal Legacy Project Advisory Team and other succession planning experts. 
  • Extensive editorial coverage in FARM JOURNAL, TOP PRODUCER and DAIRY TODAY magazines, on the "AgDay" and "U.S. Farm Report" TV shows and AgWeb.com, with case studies and comprehensive coverage;
  • An annual special issue of FARM JOURNAL magazine dedicated exclusively to the topic
  • Specific training and tools at www.farmjournallegacyproject.com;
  • A monthly Legacy television show;
  • A weekly eNewsletter
  • And more